Banks are changing price lists. What’s new in them?

At the end of the year and the beginning of the next, some banks will change the fees and business conditions. Air Bank is making a relatively significant change, while ČSOB and Poštovka are continuing to converge their offer. Česká spořitelna revisited the price list and abolished charging for little-used services.

Air Bank

Air Bank will cancel from November 3 Small and Large tariff in your current account. It will unify the conditions and thus a new one will be created price list. He will leave the basic services on the account without a management fee, you will pay extra for the others.

For example, maintaining a current and savings account, electronic payments, two debits to the account, withdrawals from our own ATMs and at a branch, deposits via ATMs, the Shanon service and SEPA payments in euros remain free. From November, you will receive three current accounts from the bank free of charge, in crowns, euros and US dollars, and you will pay for the others. Incoming and outgoing instant payments will now be “included” for all current account holders.

For some services, Air Bank will offer the option of using it for a flat monthly payment. It’s about:

  • maintaining multiple accounts in the same currency (up to a total of ten possible) for CZK 10 per month,
  • all informational SMS messages about account movements for CZK 25 per month (so far they have been charged individually),
  • withdrawals from all ATMs in the Czech Republic and in the world for CZK 100 per month.

If you do not want to subscribe to these services on a regular basis, you can choose the ones that will be charged once:

  • statement or repeated sending of PIN by post in the Czech Republic CZK 25,
  • withdrawal from an ATM or at a branch of a foreign bank in the Czech Republic and the EU CZK 35,
  • withdrawal from an ATM or at a branch of a foreign bank outside the EU CZK 100,
  • another debit card or payment sticker CZK 100,
  • foreign payment, which is not a SEPA payment, CZK 100,
  • issued confirmation and extraordinary statement on request 100 CZK,
  • post abroad 100 CZK.

For example, withdrawals from foreign bank ATMs will become more expensive by ten crowns. In addition, Air Bank will no longer allow withdrawals via Sazka terminals. You can withdraw free of charge either from your own ATMs or via the cashback service.

ČSOB and Poštovní spořitelna

Poštovka and ČSOB will merge their business conditions and tariffs as of 1 November (Poštovní spořitelna is part of the ČSOB Group).

It will also present the ČSOB eID service for electronic identification, for example on the Citizen’s Portal. It will rename the permitted overdraft to an overdraft, with the interest rate for this product for students and clients of Poštovní spořitelna increasing from 17.9% to 18.9% per annum. Students will be able to take advantage of advantageous conditions for overdrafts and credit cards now only up to 26 instead of up to 30 years. Neither Poštovka nor ČSOB will issue issuance of payment stickers.

ČSOB clients will now find items from the section “Services and transactions at the Czech Post” under thematically related sections. So, for example, cash withdrawals from credit cards at the post office will be in the credit cards section.

The bank has newly set a specific price (CZK 600) in the tariff for sending the card abroad. Previously, there was only a note that the fee is governed by the cost of the courier.

The clients of Poštovní spořitelna will reduce the fee for sending an information SMS within the My info service from CZK 3 to CZK 2. Even the mentioned sending of the card abroad will work out better, because it has cost 1100, resp. 1500 CZK. You will pay a new CZK 25 for changing the limit of the card or payment sticker for payments on the Internet, which you make at the branch.

Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna plans a new price list at the beginning of next year. From January 25, some services at branches will become more expensive:

  • entering a one-time order at the counter from CZK 80 to CZK 100,
  • withdrawal at the counter from 70 CZK to 100 CZK,
  • change of card limits at the counter from 30 to 100 CZK.

At the same time, the bank will charge a hundred crowns for entering a standing order at the counter.

However, Česká spořitelna will provide services at branches to seniors over the age of 70 free of charge.

At the same time, 30 fees for little-used services will be abolished. For example, it will not charge for example:

  • confirmation of payment made abroad,
  • restrictions on the disposition of funds on the account,
  • unfulfilled announced cash withdrawal,
  • confirmation of the deposit of funds on the account / balance on the account at the request of the client,
  • cash deposit by card to another account with Česká spořitelna,
  • cash withdrawal in terms of up to CZK 100,000 (accounts maintained in a foreign currency),
  • opening or cancellation of an asset account in the Central Securities Depository,
  • the possibility of extraordinary repayment during the rate fixation without penalty,
  • premium when changing fixation (Ideal mortgage),
  • change in the amount of installments and the possibility of interruption of installments (Ideal Mortgage),
  • guarantee in case of interest rate change (Ideal mortgage),
  • addendum for change of collection account,
  • supplement to change the repayment date in the month.

Complete list of canceled fees can be found on the bank’s website.

Banka yarn

Although Fio banka announces on the web for some clients new price list from 30 November, but it is only an adjustment of texts and wordings (without changing the meaning and rules), the amount of fees does not change. There will be one item in the new price list: a deposit using a deposit, which is free of charge.


mBank has been changing the price list since December. It will increase the cost of finding the balance on the account via an ATM from CZK 9 to 19 for debit and credit cards (the increase in debit also applies to entrepreneurs).

UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank has a new tariff since October. However, the bank changed only a small detail and it is not even a direct fee. It now allows the owner of a Children’s Account from the age of 8 to use internet and mobile banking. Until now, children only had a passive view of the status of the account.

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