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As you have probably noticed: BankID on mobile is about to be deleted and will be replaced by an app you need to download to your mobile, i.e. a separate BankID app (you can still have BankID on your mobile, i.e. but in the form of a separate app ).

This is the same ID used for logging in, for example Nav and Helsenorge (for prescriptions, appointment bookings with the GP, overview of covid tests, etc.).

Several media reports may have given the impression that there is immediate urgency; that BankID on the mobile now disappears. But there he can reassure the head of BankID, as previously wrote:

– BankID on mobile does not disappear overnightand most people will have access to the service for some time to come, says Jan Bjerved, head of BankID at BankID BankAxept AS.

And it has a further point that may be even more reassuring:

– The code chip obviously has to go through.

What happens to the code chip?

Kristin Estil Jacobsen, Communications Advisor for BankID BankAxept, explains:

– The code chip must not be phased out. It is maintained as an alternative to those who do not have or are comfortable using smartphones or tablets.

The fact that the code chip is retained is also why the many hundreds of thousands of non-digital or non-digital people must be offered an alternative. It simply serves to prevent alienation and discrimination.

Also, it’s important that the BankID app requires a newer operating system (and therefore a newer phone) to work – and since not everyone has a fairly new cell phone, there must be an alternative service: in other words, the code chip. .

According to the Directorate of Digitization, there are around 600,000 Norwegians who are not digital or have little digital knowledge. A new norm which comes into effect this fall, requires banks to have a minimum of analog solutions for non-digital or non-digital customers and their relatives.

– You want as many people as possible to use the app

Although the code chip will be an alternative for the foreseeable future, for accessing both online banking, mobile banking and other digital services that require BankID access, Jacobsen at BankID BankAxept is keen to market the chip of the code as an alternative.

– Can a recommendation to those who find the BankID app difficult be to recommend instead of using the code chip?

– Absolutely. But we’re also concerned that as many people as possible can easily use the app, says Jacobsen.

It says customers will always be able to get help from the bank for anything you ask about BankID. Additionally, he says they facilitate relevant training through major organizations and functions that are in direct contact with BankID users, such as Digi-venn and Kakadu.

– For those unwilling to use the app, the code chip will be an alternative. We also encourage you to try the app together with someone who can show you how to proceed, so you can use the app from time to time to see if it’s for you. You can switch between using the code chip to the app at your leisure and test what you like to use best, says Jacobsen.

And if the code chip you have now stops working, you can still order a new one, even in the future:

– That’s right, you can order a new tag code from your bank. There are no plans to remove the code chip as an alternative, Jacobsen points out.

Warning: the code tag is personal and illegal to share

When it comes to using a code tag, however, there is one thing that is very important, and particularly important for those of you who may need help paying bills or doing other things in mobile or online banking:

BankID is a personal identity key and the loan can be misused for, among other things, fraud.

Sharing your BankID is like handing over your passport and a blank sheet of paper with your signature. If you allow others to use your BankID and password, people can do more than just log into the online bank, for example, they can apply for loans and sign loan documents in your name. If you lend your BankID, you also break the terms of the agreement with the bank and risk being held liable for any misuse.

– It is important that you enter your password yourself and that your helper walks away while entering the password, Jacobsen points out.

And song study at the University of Oslo reveals that 4 out of 10 fraud victims have provided security information to the scammer themselves, and the code chip is clearly the most used in fraud cases. In 68% of fraud cases, the fraud was carried out using a BankID chip and for women, the person who most often commits the identity violation is a close relative.

If you need help with banking services, you can request that a close relative be added as the bank manager. This will then have limited access, but will be able to help you with simple banking services. This is one point new banking standard which will soon come into effect.

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