Bank Mandiri and BRI Block All Magnetic ATM Cards

Illustration of a bank debit credit chip ATM card (Source: Shutterstock)

JAKARTA, COMPASS.TV– Two state-owned banks, namely Bank Mandiri and BRI, have blocked all ATM cards that still use magnetic stripe. This was done because all customers of the two banks were already using chip-based cards.

SVP Retail Deposit Products and Solutions Mandiri Evi Dempowati said that her party had blocked magnetic ATMs in 3 stages. Namely in May, June, and last July. Thus, magnetic-based debit cards can no longer be used for various transactions at Bank Mandiri.

“And it cannot be used for any transactions, including for initial activation at Livin’ by Mandiri,” said Evi as quoted from, Monday (18/10/2021).

Bank Mandiri has also completed the debit card conversion process. Since September 30, 2021, all Bank Mandiri customers have used chip-based debit cards.

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“The conversion of Mandiri Debit magnetic stripe cards to chip cards has reached 100 percent of the number of cards required for chips or 15.1 million chip cards,” said Evi.

“This is of course supported by chip conversion programs and education,” he said.

Likewise with BRI, which has completed the process of exchanging debit cards based on magnetic stripe.

BRI Corporate Secretary Aestika Oryza Gunarto said that currently the use of magnetic stripe-based debit cards is completely blocked.

“Currently BRI has completely completed the migration of magnetic cards to chip-based debit cards,” said Aestika.



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