Bank BTN offers Mass Mortgage Contract for Millennials to Own Homes Easily


The millennial generation is expected not to delay home ownership. This is because the house is one of the needs that must be met by the community.

Bank BTN Consumer Director Hirwandi Gafar said of the total realization of KPR FLPP starting from the 2020 to April 2023 period, around 90.24% was dominated by millennials with the total realization reaching 344,479 units worth IDR 49.751 trillion.

“Starting in 2020, Bank BTN has focused on making it easy for millennials to own a home, including having subsidized mortgages. We hope that millennials will not delay owning a home. Moreover, everything is easy, convenient and fast with Bank BTN,” said Hirwandi in his statement, written Thursday (1/6).

To meet housing needs, BTN is ready to hold a mass mortgage contract for around 10,000 units in one day in June 2023. The plan is for the mass mortgage agreement to be carried out simultaneously in all Bank BTN branch offices throughout Indonesia.

This mass contract includes subsidized mortgages, non-subsidized mortgages and sharia financing. It is expected that by the end of June 2023 the realization of subsidized mortgages, non-subsidized mortgages and sharia financing will reach around 20,000 units.

He said it was hoped that the mass mortgage agreement would boost the Indonesian economy. This is because one of the drivers of economic growth comes from the property sector, especially housing finance.

“During a period of weak economic growth, the housing or property sector can be a support for economic growth. For this reason, it is believed that the KPR Mass Akad activities can help the government boost Indonesia’s economic growth,” said Hirwandi.

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Hirwandi explained that this mass mortgage contract activity shows that the community’s demand for houses is starting to grow. This also proves Bank BTN’s commitment to fulfilling livable housing, especially for very high low-income people (MBR). One of them is by providing convenience to MBR and millennials through mass credit contract events.

“Mass contracts are carried out routinely in all Bank BTN KCs throughout Indonesia throughout 2023. On the last day of May 2023, for example, a mass contract of 4,000 units will be carried out. As for June, a larger number of mass contracts will be targeted, especially for Subsidized KPR considering the commitment to BP Tapera until semester I of 2023 reached 62,500 units,” said Hirwandi.

In June 2023, continued Hirwandi, Bank BTN targets to hold a mass housing loan agreement for around 10,000 units. With this mass credit agreement, it is hoped that it can optimize the distribution of subsidized KPRs, both the FLPP scheme of 176,000 units and the Tapera KPR of around 6,250 units.

“We are optimistic that we can achieve the targets we set for the distribution of FLPP mortgages and Tapera mortgages with our human resources and infrastructure. Moreover, public trust is very high in Bank BTN in distributing subsidized mortgages,” he said.

Hirwandi revealed, from the commitment to BP Tapera in distributing 34,750 FLPP KPR units until April 2023, the realization of Bank BTN has far exceeded this target. Meanwhile, the realization of Bank BTN in distributing KPR FLPP until April 2023 reached 47,376 units or 136.33% of Bank BTN’s target commitment to BP Tapera. “This proves that Bank BTN’s commitment to the success of the One Million Houses Program through KPR FLPP is very high,” he said.

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For your information, Bank BTN and BTN Syariah throughout 2022 will be the largest channeling banks for Subsidized KPRs, both FLPP KPR and Tapera KPR. Throughout 2022, Bank BTN managed to distribute 167,224 subsidized KPR units worth IDR 24.33 trillion, far beating other banks. With this achievement, BP Tapera appreciates Bank BTN and BTN Syariah as the Bank with the Highest FLPP Disbursement Contribution in 2022.

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