Bangkok has 125 cases of COVID-19! Opening the timeline, 16 more people went to see the Asanee-Wasan concert.

Yesterday night (31 Dec) Facebook fan page Bangkok By the public relations office Has posted the situation of the spread of badCOVID-19, stating that FPO announced 30 Dec ’20, Bangkok found infected peopleCOVID-19 Add 17 cases by Bangkok found infected. From 20-30 Dec ’20, a total of 125 cases and 80 cases have been announced (20-27 Dec’20).

Recently, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has released a timeline of the 81-98 COVID-19 cases in Bangkok who have completed 16 additional investigations with 17 more still being investigated.

It was found that the 90th patient had a history of concern. Because he traveled to places with many people Such as the Asanee Wasan concert at Muang Thong Thani on December 19, 19.00 – 22.00



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