Bangkok found 14 additional cases of COVID, 98% linked to Samut Sakhon Request for cooperation to stop the New Year event

Bangkok The report found 14 additional cases of COVID, 98% linked to the Samut Sakhon market, revealed after 531 market and factory inspections were found to be partially infected while asking for cooperation, refraining from organizing the New Year and Children’s Day events.

On December 24, 2020, at the Bangkok City Hall, Police Lieutenant Colonel Phongsakorn Khwanmuang, BMA spokesman announced after the meeting of the Center for the State of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) ) Bangkok (BMA) 103th time, with Lt. Gen. Sophon Phisutthiwong, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, as the Director of the BMA, chaired the meeting that In Bangkok area There were 14 more infected people. Currently, Bangkok is investigating the disease. Initially, 98% of those infected and infected were linked to the Samut Sakhon market. At present, Bangkok has already proactively examined 531 cases in the market and factories, and found that some of the infected people were infected by the SEPO. From now on, Bangkok will inspect the factory market and construction site Be more proactive

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The Bangkok spokesman said that As for the new year event Still asking for cooperation, not holding New Year and Children’s Day Which Bangkok did not prohibit But if there are more than 300 participants, permission must be obtained from the Health Department, if not more than 300 people must follow the specified measures. In order to prevent an epidemic, there are now many organizations, including the public and private sectors, canceled many events. Understand that many places have already invested

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Lt. Lt. Pongsakorn said that at this time, each organizer has 3 options: 1. Cancel 2. Continue but reduce the number and 3. Watch the situation has not yet been canceled by the measure depending on the situation. Try to screen And control not to travel together with Samut Sakhon Province in limiting the area But people of Bangkok can still travel as usual Disease investigation section Search for an infected person And control of risk areas BMA continues to work in parallel with the timeline of infected people.

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