Bandai Namco shares statistics revealing Malenia as the most dangerous boss with Elden Ring players dying 9 billion times

In honor of the first anniversary Elder Ringpublisher Bandai Namco shared entertaining statistics. The company paid particular attention to the causes of player deaths. In total, gamers have died 9 billion times.

69% of all deaths were at the hands of opponents, 15% were due to poisoning, blood loss and other similar effects, and falls took the lives of 14% of gamers. In battles with real players, only 2% died.

As for the bosses, gamers have fought 6 billion battles with them. The most deadly was Malenia. In second and third place are Margit and Guardian of the Trees, and in fourth to fifth place are Radagon of the Golden Order and Radan Bane of Stars, respectively.

Also, gamers used the call 1 billion times, and 88% of them were in a joint game. 12% of the calls were directed to invading the worlds of other players. The most commonly used spell was “Throwing Stone” and the prayer was “Blessing of the Tree of Erd”.

On February 28, FromSoftware announced a major Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elder Ringwhich does not yet have an exact release date.

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