Banana-shaped tables and a sauna for Estonians to enjoy. Take a look at the new Prague offices of the Pipedrive startup

New Prague offices of the Pipedrive startup

Foto: Pipedrive

The Estonian startup nature has already given rise to many promising projects, and Pipedrive, which has been operating on the market for ten years and specializes in the development of a CRM platform to simplify all business-related processes, is no exception. Of its current 600 employees, twenty-five people also work in Prague, where the entire team has moved to new offices.

The premises, located in Karlín, Prague, are full of organic shapes and wood, while the dominant colors are the company’s green and black. In addition to the variable work facilities in the new offices, there is also a place for entertainment, a bar or a sauna, where Estonians will be very patient. The whole design was taken care of by the Prague Studio Perspektiv, which designed offices also for STRV, Trask, HubHub, Futured or GoPay.

“The names of the meetings are informal and inspired by the world of Harry Potter. There is also Platform 9¾ or U Děravého kotle. Employees can then spend moments of relaxation in the football room or PlayStation. Last but not least, our culture is dog friendly, so some of us regularly bring our pets to work, “ describes Tomáš Řehoř, development manager at Pipedriv.


Foto: Pipedrive

A specific corporate culture was also imprinted in the offices. Pipedrive does not work on the principle of ordinary teams, but so-called tribes, which freely and across branches branch around individual missions (projects) and are completely independent. More than the classic division of offices, there are some clusters available that can serve the purposes of the tribes well.

“The space is dominated by a distinctive green color, ash veneer and playful furniture, led by atypical banana-shaped office desks. An unusual variety for us was the implementation of a sauna and Narnia bar, which could playfully compete with professional businesses, “ supplied by architects Ján Antal and Martin Stára from Studio Perspektiv.

The offices are ready for Pipedrive to continue to grow, as it can accommodate up to a hundred people. Until they are fully occupied by the Estonian startup, five other startups will be able to use them, thanks to a program called PipedriveLabs.


The space is dominated by green

Foto: Pipedrive

“We started building the Pipedrive team in HubHub in Prague, only in a few people and with limited possibilities. But not everyone has the opportunity to jump into a fast-paced startup. That is why we have launched a program for those who build their company from scratch and do not have a strong partner behind them, “ adds Řehoř that Pipedrive will provide selected five startups as well as mentoring and access to contacts.

Pipedrive was founded in 2010 and is used for its work by business teams from more than 90,000 companies around the world. It has branches in Dublin, Lisbon, London, New York, Prague, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Tartu and, thanks to the new acquisition, also in Riga.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Date of completion: 2020
Size: 1 400 m2
Design: Studio Perspective


There are also variable tables in the shape of a banana

Foto: Pipedrive


There is also a bar

Foto: Pipedrive


There is also a sauna, which Estonians can tolerate

Foto: Pipedrive


Staff can also use the football room and game console

Foto: Pipedrive


Kitchen and rest area

Foto: Pipedrive


Rest area

Foto: Pipedrive

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