Bams, what you did to me is evil!


Hotma Sitompul no longer silent on the issues and accusations that had been circulating before. It was mentioned that the famous lawyer was having an affair with him Mikhavita Wijaya who is the wife Bams eks Samsons, he continued. Hotma Sitompul firmly said that what Bams was doing was evil.

“That’s evil. About Bams’ wife, that’s really bad,” said Hotma Sitompul in a press conference held at LBH Mawar Saron, in the Sunter area, North Jakarta, recently.

It was not only Bams who was called evil by her mother’s husband, Desiree Tarigan. Hotma Sitompul also called his wife evil for letting the issue of this affair circulate widely.

Hotma smells another fabrication in her domestic problems with Desiree Tarigan. In addition to the issue of having an affair, the two of them are currently fighting over the house.

“Bams is evil, his mother is evil. Asked by the person, this setting, is there an affair? Oh, I don’t know. Evil. I’ll open all of them, this is the business,” continued Hotma Sitompul.

Accused of having an affair with Mikhavita Wijaya, Hotma even revealed another accusation. He showed me a photo featuring Desiree Tarigan with a man who later became known as Calvino Samudra.

When showing the photo, which was actually uploaded to Instagram by Desiree Tarigan, Hotma Sitompul did not confirm that his wife was cheating on him. He only said that he had warned many times.

“I never said cheating, I just gave a photo. It’s on Instagram, you can see for yourself. I didn’t say anything, this is the photo. I have warned you many times, no!” he stressed.

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What is the relationship between Desiree Tarigan and Calvino Samudra?

Desiree emphasized that he has no special relationship with Calvino Samudra. He said this after making a report to the South Jakarta Metro Police, Wednesday (7/4/2021). Desiree Tarigan reported on Hotma Sitompul.

On that occasion, Desiree said that the photo Hotma showed was an old photo that happened to be taken when she and the man in the photo were at the same event.

“It’s very natural for people to take pictures with me on my birthday. Then post it on Instagram,” said Desiree.

Bams ex-Samsons mother denied cheating. In fact, he accused Hotma Sitompul of trying to improve his image. Hotma’s accusation has been called a fictional Desiree and is only a distraction.

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