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Sparkling birch juice “Birzi” manufacturers SIA “Kainaiži” starts production of balm, the company informs.

SIA “Kainaiži” has been engaged in the extraction and processing of tree juices for more than 7 years, producing sparkling birch juice “Birzi”, supplying fresh coffee and birch juice to shops in spring, as well as producing several syrups such as birch, apple and heather.

“During our operation, we do not stop experimenting and thinking about creating new products. At the moment, we are pleased to present a strong alcoholic beverage -” Birzī “balm after a long recipe development and grinding,” says Ervins Labanovskis, the owner of SIA “Kainaiži”.

The balm is made of various birch raw materials – birch juice distillate, birch juice syrup and fresh birch juice, as well as natural plant additives, which are kept strictly secret.

“Birzī” balm is an exclusive drink that is produced once a year and in small quantities – only 1000 bottles. During the rest of the year, due to the peculiarities of the technological process, it is not possible to repeat it. Each bottle is assigned its own serial number. The balm will not be distributed in stores. It will be possible to buy it only in “Birzī” factory or e-shop after prior reservation, as well as to taste it in restaurants with which the company has cooperation.

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