ball | After the qualification of SLUC Nancy for the quarter-finals of the Leaders Cup. A quarter away for SLUC Nancy?

Which teams are already qualified?

To date, only four teams have already locked in first place in their pool: SLUC Nancy, Blois, Fos-sur-Mer and Paris. For the other tickets, Quimper and Lille are on a favorable waiver but due to postponements, there are still matches to be played.

When will we be definitively fixed?

Pool A having fallen behind (only three matches out of six), we will have to wait. The last meeting (Poitiers – Nantes) is scheduled for October 27, the day of the official start of the quarter-finals! It is therefore likely that the date of the quarterfinals will be postponed, especially since the final table can only be established at the end of the last match. However, the championship calendar does not offer any “window” before mid-November.

What are the rules for shifts?

As in previous years, the first of each pool and the two best second are qualified. A ranking of the eight winners is established according to the victories of the general basket average. In quarters, the 1is meet the worst 2e hen, the 2e face the best 2e hen, the 3e play the 6e and the 4e the 5e. New this year, the quarters are played on a dry match at the top ranked. Fos has the best record so far (4-0), SLUC Nancy is 4the and cannot finish lower than 6e. But Quimper (2-0) and Lille (2-1) have a hand to get ahead of the Nancy. They should in all likelihood play their quarterback away from home.

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