Bali’s Governor: Endorses U-20 World Cup in January, Declines Israel in March.


Early March, Governor of Bali Wayan Coster wrote to the Ministry of Youth and Sport whose contents rejected the arrival of Israel to its territory at the time U-20 World Cup. In January, he was okay though!

Governor of Bali, Wayan Coster so one of the figures highlighted in the polemic on the issue of rejecting the arrival of Israel in U-20 World Cup Later. Bali which was originally to be prepared so home base Timnas Israel U-20, instead, Wayan Koster rejected it.

In notes detikSport, Wayan Coster once sent a letter to Kemenpora regarding the refusal of the Israeli national team to come to its territory during the U-20 World Cup later. The letter was sent on March 14, 2023 entitled ‘Rejection of the Israeli Team to Compete in Bali’.

“Regarding the participation of the Team from the State of Israel, we convey the point of view that Israel’s political policies towards Palestine are inconsistent with the political policies of the government of the Republic of Indonesia, which until now is still a serious problem in regional politics, as well as the absence of diplomatic relations between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and Israeli government,” wrote Koster in a letter numbered T.00.426/11470/SEKRET sent on Tuesday (14/3/2023).

“We, the Provincial Government of Bali, declare that we reject the participation of the Team from the State of Israel to compete in the Province of Bali. This is done to respect the diplomatic relations between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the governments of other countries in the world, especially those relating to Israel,” he continued.

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Judging by the official Kemenpora website, on January 11, 2023 an article was published entitled ‘Following up on Presidential Decrees and Presidential Instructions, Menpora Amali Leads Coordination Meeting with Heads of Regions where the U-20 World Cup will be Organized’.

At that time Zainudin Amali, who was still Menpora, chaired a meeting with the governor, representatives of regents, mayors, Head of Education and Youth Service, person in charge of the stadium where the 2023 U-20 World Cup was held, representatives of the PUPR Ministry and PSSI.

Amali continued the message from President Jokowi to make the U-20 World Cup a success. The governors and regents at that time expressed their readiness to fully support. One of them, Bali Governor Wayan Koster.

“In principle, we are ready, sir (to support),” said Wayan Koster.

It should be noted, when Wayan Koster stated that he was ready to support, that was when Israel had already (far) advanced for his team to the U-20 World Cup!

Just so you know, Israel already locked pass ticket to U-20 World Cup when they entered the semifinals of the European Under-19 Cup in 2022. After that, they made it to the final but lost to England.


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