Bakers Bring James Ensor’s “The Intrige” to Life with 19,000 Eclairs at Antwerp’s Museum of Fine Arts

In front of the entrance of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA), “The Intrige” by the Ostend artist James Ensor was brought to life this morning with 19,000 eclairs.

The action is an initiative of six bakers from Flanders who want to draw attention to their profession. “What we do has become a bottleneck profession. We want to show how beautiful our job is,” says Eddy Van Tittelboom of Patisserie Lints from Antwerp. “The first idea was to make the longest eclair in the world. That plan fell through, but the alternative is still so beautiful.”

Also Bakery Bossuyt (Ekeren), Bakery Mariën (Lommel, Geel, Leopoldsburg), Bakery Verleysen (Hofstade near Aalst, Lede, Hedersem, Moorsel, Denderleeuw, Erembodegem, Aalst, Berlare, Burst), Patisserie Nicolas (Eeklo, Maldegem, Adegem) and Bakkerij Sint Anna (Zottegem) participated in the stunt. (Read more below the photo.)

2023-06-03 12:30:00
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