Baja California’s economy is going to grow 4.5%

Tijuana.- By 2021, Baja California is expected to have a “conservative” economic growth of between 4 and 4.5%, estimated the Secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism, Mario Escobedo Carignan.

The state official said that a favorable scenario for the state would be to advance up to 8%, however, given the current panorama with the rebound in Covid-19 cases, it is very complete to achieve that goal.

“They are atypical situations, we depend a lot on tourist activity and that activity is in progress, due to the behavior of Covid-19 and vaccines. Hopefully and we get closer to the 8% that we planned to have for this year ”, he commented.

Escobedo Carignan, specified that for next year the generation of between 40,000 and 50,000 jobs is expected, a figure similar to that of 2020.

The head of the Ministry of Sustainable Economy anticipated that informal activity will present a decrease in 2021, predicting that it will go from 37 to 36%. This would place the state as the second least problematic entity.

To achieve this drop in informality, he justified that there will be support for local businesses that will generate more formal jobs. In addition, there will be new taxi licensees.

Similarly, he highlighted the progress in foreign and national investment in Baja California. With regard to the first, he indicated that it grew by 4.5, by attracting 1,544 million dollars. With regard to national investment, he indicated that this will amount to 1 thousand 622 million greenbacks.

He clarified that the Federal Ministry of the Economy does not register national investment well, since it considers where the fiscal domiciles of Mexican companies are located.


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