Baja California DIF highlights the importance of the family

He stressed that through the System for the Integral Development of the Family in Baja California day by day the family is being consolidated, by promoting and strengthening the universal values ​​that characterize Mexicans, propitiating with this action, improving the social environment of our community.

“One of the characteristics that Mexican families have is the roots of our values ​​and traditions, where each member contributes to reinforce the tasks that each of its members carry out day by day,” stressed Olmeda García.

He pointed out that it is in DIF Baja California, an institution where you work with a lot of love, where you have a series of programs aimed at safeguarding the universal rights of each participant in the family, so quality care and warmth is essential.

Olmeda García reiterated that they will continue to work hand in hand with the various government agencies, Civil Society Organizations, businessmen and with each of the Baja Californians to have a better society.

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