Bailiff fucked singer Maya Neshkova

The idea of ​​the popular Blagoevgrad singer Maya Neshkova to build in Sandanski balneological center on 6596 sq. M in the area Nishan Tashi hit a rock – private bailiff Boris Velinov announced for public sale the land for which the space starting price for bidding of 3 685 600 BGN

This makes BGN 558.7 per square meter of undeveloped land, which is an average value for the area, which in recent years has become one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Sandanski, writes

The auction is held in favor of a bank and the Blagoevgrad company “Bravo Stroy” EOOD of Dimitar Yankov, who built social housing in Blagoevgrad and participated in the rehabilitation of many blocks during the excommunication Atanas Kambitov.

Until June 9, Velinov has allowed an inspection of the terrain, after which there will be bidding for him if someone paralyzed shows interest. In order to apply for participation in the tender, the candidate-buyer must leave a deposit of 10% of the price, or nearly BGN 370,000.

The property is owned by one of the three companies of Maya Neshkova – Mayvek EOOD. The company is registered at 23 Dondukov Blvd. in the capital, where the singer has lived for many years with her husband – Godsetelchev composer Kiril Ikonomov.

The authorized capital of the company is only BGN 10, but Maya Neshkova pointed out “electricity production” as the main subject of activity.

Six years ago, on behalf of Mayvek EOOD, the singer announced her large-scale business plans for the construction of nearly 7 decares in Sandanski with the intention of registering the future balneological center under the Medical Establishments Act, which will enable it to receive clinical pathways. money from the Health Insurance Fund or from the National Social Security Institute.

In 2017, Neshkova submitted documents for a permit for the use of mineral water for balneological needs, and RIEW – Blagoevgrad and Basin Directorate “West Aegean Region” declared the investment intention of the singer admissible and launched a procedure to assess its compatibility with the subject and purpose of protection of the protected area adjacent to the plot. However, the terrain is still a bare weedy meadow.

In 2013, the singer sued the then mayor of Sandanski Andon Totev over her land in Nishan Tashi. In the Blagoevgrad Administrative Court, she appealed the mayor’s order, according to which the neighbor of her property was reassigned from “agricultural land with forests and shrubs” to “land for housing construction.” The singer challenged the order in court on the grounds that she had not been informed as a neighbor that they would build the terrain, but failed to pay BGN 200 for forensic examination and lost the case.

In Sandanski, in addition to the golden terrain in Nishan, Tashi Neshkova and Ikonomov own 10 old and broken bungalows, pompously called “Strimon mansion”, where the most valuable is the location of the “manor” – located meters from the park area of ​​the city to the small residence of Koko Dinev.

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