Baiden administration declassifies FBI document on Saudi involvement in 9/11 terrorist attacks | The news

Washington, Sept. 12, LETA – AFP. The administration of US President Joe Biden on Saturday released a document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which raises suspicions about the official involvement of Saudi Arabia in the perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

A secret document dated 4 April 2016 shows links between Omar Bajumi, a student at the time but suspected of being an operative of Saudi Arabian intelligence, and two members of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, who were involved in a plan to kidnap and crash planes into the skyscrapers of the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon building.

The document details Bajumi’s contacts and meetings with two hijackers, Navafu al Hazmi and Halida al Midaru, after their arrival in southern California in 2000 before the attacks.

The document also shows the connections between the two kidnappers and the Los Angeles mosque conservative imam Fahadu with Tumairia and a Saudi consulate official.

The FBI document is based on interviews with a secret source in 2009 and 2015, in which the source says that Bajumi had a “very high status” at the consulate.

“Fears of assistance to Hazmi and Midaram included translation, travel, accommodation and finances,” the document said.

The classified document is heavily edited and does not provide a clear link between the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks and the Saudi government.

At the beginning of September, Biden ordered the secrecy of government documents related to the events within six months.

The classified document on Saturday is the first of them.

Such a decision is a significant step in years of efforts by the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks to clarify the possible involvement of the government of the close US ally, Saudi Arabia, or the intelligence services.

According to the official Sept. 11 Commission of Inquiry into Terrorism set up by the U.S. Congress, “there is no evidence that the Saudi government, as an institution or senior Saudi officials, has individually supported” Al Qaeda, an international terrorist organization.

In this wording, many have seen an indication that lower-ranking officials or unofficial individuals in Saudi Arabia may have been linked to the direct culprits of the terrorist attacks, whose hijacked planes crashed into the skyscrapers of the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon building.

Last month, survivors of the terrorist attacks, relatives of victims and rescue workers made it clear that Baiden should not take part in the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy if the documents were not made public.


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