Bahçeli: The Turkish Medical Association should be closed

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli made striking statements about the Turkish Medical Association in his statement on Twitter.

Reacting to the Turkish Medical Association’s wearing a black ribbon in health institutions, Bahçeli said, “This attempt is a poisonous and vile conspiracy.” Bahçeli used the following statements in his statement:

* A malicious campaign that aims to prevent our country’s fight against the new type of coronavirus epidemic and to drive our healthcare professionals into panic and panic is constantly taking a distance. We see this, we know their dark ambitions.


* The betrayal formation named Turkish Medical Association would wear black ribbon in all health institutions in order to draw attention to the so-called increasing cases, our people who lost their lives and our healthcare professionals! This attempt is a poisonous and tragic conspiracy. What will happen when you wear a black ribbon?

* What will they say to our people who are treated for COVID-19 disease? In this context, what will they tell the families of our deceased brothers and sisters? Where do the disgraceful physicians who turn into a disease rather than a union aim to reach? If the black ribbon wearer-not-wearer distinction is found to be mediocre in hospitals, does anyone have any idea about possible developments? The Turkish Medical Association is as dangerous as the Corona, it spreads threats. Moreover, the “You cannot rule, we are dying, we are exhausted” action against the government is a treacherous scheme.


Stating that the Turkish Medical Association has fueled unfounded doubts and doubts about human and public health, Bahçeli called for the union to be closed. Bahçeli continued his words as follows:

* Turkish Medical Association, in today’s sensitive period, is inciting unfounded doubts and doubts about human and public health. For this reason, the Medical Association with only Turkish in its name should be closed immediately and without delay. Judicial action should be taken against their directors.

* Combating the virus will occur uncounted and increased our ongoing Uncovering a patriotic scientist enterprising committee should be established, the outrage, betrayal and black page of animosity Turkey should be closed. Now, it is impossible to show patience and endurance to the Turkish Medical Association.

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