Bahar Smith Had Asked An Online Taxi Driver Who Was The Victim Of The Persecution: Ente Tau Ane?

Habib Bahar bin Smith underwent an examination at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters, Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung City, West Java Tuesday (18/12/2018). (Source: Tribun Jabar / Gani Kurniawan)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS TV – The Public Prosecutor (JPU) revealed the chronology of the persecution committed by the defendant Bahar Smith to an online taxi driver.

The disclosure of the chronology was read out by the prosecutor in a trial held at the Special Class IA Class in Bandung, Jalan LLRE Martadinata, Tuesday (06/04/2021) yesterday.

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In reading the indictment, the prosecutor said that Bahar Smith had mistreated an online taxi driver named Andriansyah, resulting in injuries to the victim.

“The defendant openly and with collective energy used violence against people or property, if the violence used resulted in injuries,” said the West Java Prosecutor’s Office, Sukanda, quoted from

Sukanda explained that the incident of abuse by Bahar Smith on an online taxi driver occurred on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

The location of the persecution was Habib Bahar’s house in the Bukit Cimanggu Housing Complex, Tanah Sereal District, Bogor City, West Java.


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