Bagarova scares the fans: I’m not sad, just …

Monika Bagárová after a short break, when she was rather inactive on social networks, she boasted about her photo. Instead of praise, but it was more of a concern. According to some fans, she has sad eyes and is obviously broken.

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“So, so … beautiful, but sad inside,” one of her followers wrote. “Beautiful, but your eyes are sad,” another watcher added, not one. The comments, which mentioned the inner pain of the beautiful singer, only grew. Monika herself objected: “The photo is older, I’m not sad, just serious,” but it’s hard to guess how many followers have believed this version.

This photo scared the fans



Bagarova gives after breaking up with Muradovem time for recovery in her native Brno, where her parents and sister also live, who are currently helping her with the care of her daughter Rumia.

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