Bagárová rage: There is an insignificant h * vno for me!

Ruminka has barely learned to walk and already has her first enemies. They attacked the innocent defenseless child in a completely indiscriminate way in the comments of the online daily

Pregnant Bagárová did not know her mother-in-law

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“She’s scary and not cute,” one of the comments was heard and the others started at a brisk pace: “The name … they de facto took revenge on her and unfortunately the little girl is not very pretty either. At least she’ll be VERY smart, “another reader wrote,” I can’t be very cute. ”

Monika Bagárová but she proved to be the right mother lioness and sent a harsh message to all the heyers.

“I would like to thank all those who have a spine and know that every baby in the world is beautiful and deserves the greatest love. At the same time, I would like to greet those who are spineless, and therefore they are here, and I would tell them that your heart is rotten and unhappy, because he who can attack small children, I note that any children, I have one big and insignificant h * vno, “ her words literally sounded.

Bagar surprised her grandparents after the birth!

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