Bag from Gers Pardoel stolen in Antwerp: “5,000 euros for … (Antwerp)

Who has seen the bag of Gers Pardoel (39)? Last Wednesday, the Dutch rapper was the victim of a theft at the Gerlachekaai in Antwerp. “I really hope that someone can help me,” says Pardoel, who is offering a bonus of 5,000 euros to the honest finder.

On Wednesday 24 March, Gers Pardoel was parked with his car between 7 pm and 11 pm at the Gerlachekaai in Antwerp. “At that time someone stole my bag (Louis Vuitton brand, ed.) Containing a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro from my car,” he says on the phone.

Not only the bag, but also the content is therefore also valuable for Gers Pardoel. He therefore offers a premium of 5,000 euros for those who return the items to him. “I do have some on the cloud, but my work laptop also contained some new songs that I may have lost now. That is very disappointing. ”

Camera images

Pardoel has no idea how the theft could have happened. “They may have intercepted the signal from my car key, but at least there was no damage to my car at all. It was only Thursday morning that I noticed that my bag had disappeared ”, says the Dutch rapper.

“Around midnight I was approached by a man on the street, who asked if I was looking for something. Has he seen anything or does he know more? In any case, I had a strange feeling about it afterwards. ” Pardoel reported it to the Antwerp police, but without success for the time being.

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“The stolen objects have been reported in the hope that they will be found and returned to the owner,” confirms police spokesman Wouter Bruyns. “CCTV images, among other things, were viewed, but have not yet yielded any results that could help the investigation move forward.”

If you have tips, you can go to the Blue Line of the Antwerp police (0800 / 123.12) or via Gers Pardoel’s Instagram page.


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