Báez challenges Chicago fans after hitting a home run

Javier Baez challenged the fan of Chicago after hitting a home run, and the Detroit Tigers defeated the White Sox 7-2 on Saturday, leaving them on the brink of elimination in the American League Central.

The Cleveland Indians have a “magic number” of a game to eliminate Chicago and claim the division title. A few hours before Chicago lost its fifth consecutive game, the White Sox announced that manager Tony La Russa will not return to the bench for the remainder of the season due to health problems.

Baez scored a three-point homer in the seventh inning. As he circled the bases, the former Puerto Rican Cubs star put a hand to his ear, stretched out his arms, and nodded to the crowd, who whistled at him.

La Russa, who will turn 78 on October 4, has undergone “further medical tests and procedures in the past week,” the team reported Saturday. Doctors advised the Hall of Fame driver to stay away from work for the remainder of the season due to a heart problem.

Báez and Venezuelan Harold Castro had three hits each, including one home run and three RBI.

Drew Hutchison (3-9) took the win despite conceding two home runs from the Dominican Eloy Jiménez and Gavin Sheets.

The underdog was Davis Martin (2-5).

Latin offensive

For the Tigres, Puerto Rican Báez 5-3 with two points scored and three RBI, Willi Castro 4-1. The Venezuelans Castro 5-3 with one point scored and three RBI, Miguel Cabrera 5-0. Dominican Jeimer Candelario 4-2.

  • For the White Sox, Venezuelan Elvis Andrus 4-0. Cubans Yoán Moncada 3-0, José Abreu 4-0, Yasmani Grandal 4-0. The Dominican Jiménez 4-1 with a point scored and an RBI.

All yesterday’s results

  • Boston 5, New York. Yanquis

  • Atlanta 6, Philadelphia 3

  • New York. Mets 4, Oakland 10

  • Toronto 3, Tampa 1

  • Washington 1, Miami 4

  • Chicago Cubs 0, Pittsburgh 6

  • Milwaukee 10, Cincinnati 2

  • Houston 11, Baltimore 10

  • Cleveland 4, Texas 2

  • Seattle 6, Kansas 5

  • THE. Angels 4, Minnesota 8

  • Detroit 7, Chicago W. Sox 2

  • San Diego 9, Colorado 3

  • San Francisco 2, Diamondback 5

  • St. Louis 2, LA. evaders 6

  • NOTE: NY. The Yankees have extended a winning streak to six, which have them ahead in the Eastern Division of the American League.

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