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Screenshots of Katharina Dröge’s Twitter account and the meme about Annalena Baerbock that she complained about. | Photo: screenshot / montage

Cologne | There is a meme on Twitter that Annalena Baerbock shows with the hashtag “#verdienenwiebaerbock” and that was shared by the “Christian Social Union”. In addition, a thought bubble with clear icons. This criticizes the green member of the Cologne Bundestag Katharina Dröge on her Twitter channel and accuses the CDU / CSU of “Trump level”. In addition, it directly addresses the CDU / CSU candidate for Chancellor Armin Laschet.

So Dröge writes on Twitter: “Mr. @ArminLaschet: Is that the style in which you and your people want to lead the election campaign? With icons like this? Find that pretty disgusting. That’s Trump level. I expect from you and also from @ CDU and @CSU more decency … “

Other Twitter users also criticize the meme and call on the CDU / CSU after the corruption scandals and mask affairs to sweep in front of your own door first.

Dröge is running for a direct mandate in the Cologne constituency of Cologne III and is on list number 5 of the NRW Greens for the federal election campaign in 2021. She is economic policy spokeswoman and member of the parliamentary committee of the Bundestag Greens.

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