Bad! The CIA confirmed poisonous news about Bulgaria

“The population of Bulgaria is decreasing by 410 people a day, or 17 people every hour. Every 3 minutes our country loses one person.

According to the CIA website, Bulgaria ranks first in the world, among 230 countries, in terms of population decline. This was announced by the director of the BANI demographic institute, academician Petar Ivanov

The scientist recalled that out of a population of 9 million people, we are now 6.8 million people, according to a UN study from July this year. The same study states that by 2050 Bulgaria will lose a quarter of its population. The forecasts of the World Bank indicate that in 2050 there will be only 4.5 million people.

Preliminary data from the population census, which took place in autumn 2021, showed that the population of Bulgaria is 6.5 million people.

He explained that there are about 2.5 million Bulgarians living abroad and that about 60,000 of our compatriots leave our country every year.

NSI data show that Bulgaria’s population has shrunk by 1.5 million in three decades.

The average life expectancy in our country is 71.4 years compared to 80 years in European countries. In practice, a Bulgarian village disappears every month. If the demographic trend does not change, the country will soon host a huge number of retirees and a minority of workers.

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