Bad Krozingen: GERDWÄRME BREISGAU: Citizens’ Council presents final report – project rated positively

The final report that the citizenship council presented in the “ERDWÄRME BREISGAU” project on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in the Kurhaus Bad Krozingen is a proud 60 pages long.

As part of a public event, seven spokespersons for the citizenship council presented the report and handed it over to the project developer, badenova, and to politicians.

With a clear majority, the citizenship council welcomed the implementation of the planned geothermal project by the badenova subsidiary WÄRMEPLUS.

Intensive examination of geothermal energy: This was preceded by a multi-level citizenship council with randomly selected citizens from the region. The 60-page final report was created in four evening events with intensive hearings by experts, many hours of detailed work on central topics and a vote on 74 evaluations and recommendations.

Skepticism turned into approval: In the citizen’s report, the participants explain for each subject area and in detailed consultation why they came to which results.

The public presentation in the Kurhaus Bad Krozingen made it clear that the majority of those involved had started the process with great skepticism due to the events in Staufen that had a major impact on the region. This skepticism subsided in the course of the dialogue process. Because those involved expanded their knowledge, among other things, with regard to the technical processes. The differences between the hydrothermal process planned by badenova and the other processes that had led to problems in Staufen and Strasbourg-Vendenheim became apparent for the women and men.

“Actually, you only hear about the examples that went wrong in the media. That gives the wrong picture and scares people,” said one participant (page 14 in the final report). Another participant adds: “As a participant in the citizens’ council, I feel a bit like a little expert in discussions in the circle of friends and there as a determined supporter…” (page 20).

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Skepticism turned into understanding and support for the project. The Citizens’ Council agreed on how important it is to push the heating transition forward and to make an active contribution to the region.

Positive voting result: By handing over their citizen’s report, the random citizens expressed their clear support for the project, which the voting results prove: Of the 34 citizens who voted up to the end, 31 voted in favor with one dissenting vote and two abstentions for the implementation of the project of the badenova subsidiary WÄRMEPLUS.

Despite the overall high level of approval for the project, it also became clear that not all points were rated as uncritical. In the area of ​​liability in particular, the badenova council has also issued clear requirements, the feasibility of which needs to be clarified. The random citizens see the fact that badenova has already set up a working group that explicitly deals with the open issues relating to liability employed.

Thank you for transparency and openness in communication: In particular, the detailed hearing of experts on the many questions they asked themselves was rated very positively. At the end of the dialogue process, the vast majority of participants felt that they had been comprehensively informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the planned system.

The transparent and open communication on the part of WÄRMEPLUS was also emphasized. “I would like to thank everyone involved and especially badenova,
that the whole thing took place at all and was so open and transparent. It was a great, valuable experience,” said one of the random citizens in her personal conclusion.

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badenova board member Heinz-Werner Hölscher and Volker Kieber, mayor of Bad Krozingen and representative of the political support group, thanked the members of the council for their great, extraordinary commitment in their free time. The presentation in the Kurhaus showed that the energy transition has a lot of support in the region.

The final report can be downloaded from the badenovaWÄRMEPLUS homepage: final report


(Info: badenova)

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