Bad Juve, but Pirlo has a hundred alibis. There are those who trained for two full weeks and those who could not. Sandulli resigns. Expulsions and penalties against, a dangerous trend. Lambs and the noise of enemies

Ugly Juventus: two steps back. Stammering in Crotone, albeit with many excuses. The moment must be analyzed. Pirlo has a hundred alibis. Not having done the preseason, for example. A friendly match and then immediately on the pitch with Sampdoria. Never having been able to coach the full team. Having had three quarters of the squad away from Continassa for national team commitments. A jattura. Ronaldo in Portugal catches the covid (like Mckennie in Turin), Ramsey injures his usual muscle, Dybala in South America contracts an intestinal virus, Cuadrado returns late from Columbia. De Ligt is in the pits. Ditto Alex Sandro. While Chiellini, employed by Mancini against the Netherlands, is kept at rest in view of the Champions League away match in Kiev. In Crotone, Juventus arrived after unexpectedly remaining at the “pole” due to the non-arrival (following the well-known events) at the Allianz of Napoli. But while Napoli (for example) trained for two weeks (including national teams) in full. Just like Juventus couldn’t do it.

So if you go to Crotone without six owners, sending two boys (Frabotta and Portanova) to the field, but certainly still immature. If you approach the game in a “soft” way and after a quarter of an hour you produce yourself in yet another defensive blowout that causes a penalty against you. If in the team, in addition to the two kids you have brand new players as owners (Morata, Kulusevski, Chiesa, Arthur), if you rely on Demiral, who has also recovered from a long injury, there is also Crotone, with his weapons, may (as it did) get you in trouble. Luck (Morata’s post) did not help Juventus. The expulsion of the Church made things worse, perhaps. I say maybe because in ten, as had happened in Rome, Juventus played better than in eleven. However, producing little: two shots on goal in 97 minutes. No recrimination on arbitrage: it happens. Just one observation: three games, two penalties suffered, two red cards. If the trend continues to be this, Juventus will hardly be positioned in the end among the top four in the standings.

The considerations made, however, must not obscure the defects. Juventus have a problem in midfield. Rabiot is in (slight) progress, but Arthur is a surveyor who does not enlighten. Bentancur can do some things (well) but you can’t ask him to be a director. Khedira is a “weight” on the balance sheet, unused and (probably) unusable. Since Pogba was sold, Juventus do not have a dominant player in that area of ​​the pitch.

Here I come to Bernardeschi, who in Crotone, who took over from Kulusevski, did not produce what Pirlo probably expected. I remain of the opinion that outside (as Pirlo sees it) is not (anymore) his job. Since Juve doesn’t have a btb half-winger, instead of Pirlo I would try to make it at home with Bernardeschi.

I believe that for a team in search of an identity, like Juventus, five changes are deleterious. “Revolving doors” are not suitable for perfecting mechanisms. In this I am of Sarri’s opinion.

Small considerations, extra Juve. Napoli are playing very well: Gattuso’s work was exemplary. Less exemplary that of De Laurentiis: it is not true that Napoli “could not” go to Turin. It is De Laurentiis who did not “want” to go there. I am of the opinion that the appeal judge Sandulli should resign: his words (“the classification does not make the covid”) are a heavy prejudice compared to what could be his evaluations for the appeal. I don’t know how it will end: personally I would like Juventus-Napoli to be played. Not on January 13, but disputed. However, I do not know what clothes the Federation could (in the event of an appeal being accepted): Inter with six infected played the derby. Same for Parma with as many. The exception is Napoli.

Agnelli at the shareholders’ meeting spoke to Mourinho focusing on the “noise of enemies”. It is normal for opponents to make themselves heard. Less normal that most of the Italian media are anti-Juve. But, after all, there are no journalists, completely neutral. It would be enough that those who claim to be, in the end do not always fall on the same arguments. We would like Juventus to “renounce” the championships revoked by Calciopoli. I would like him not to go to other courts to demand “justice”. We would like the word “end” to be put on the story. The undersigned would like it too: I’m serious. Provided, however, that the “cardboard” was unpacked and sent to landfill. If it must be “an end”, let everyone assume their responsibilities. Because then Palamara who (with Calciopoli began his rise) from his own category was disqualified. And why, after 14 years, that other is still there: to judge with an ear set on “popular feeling”.

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