Bad Bunny Defends Child’s Safety: Scolding a Fan’s Photo Request Sparks Controversy

Bad Bunny Defends Child’s Safety: Scolding a Fan’s Photo Request Sparks Controversy

Bad Bunny He is not afraid of controversy if he has to defend his opinions and establish his own spaces, like the day he threw a fan’s phone into the water after trying to take a photo with it while walking through the streets of Puerto Rico.

Now, he did not hesitate to come to the defense of a child who appeared with his father to ask for a photo during his visit to the Dominican Republic.

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Bad Bunny and scolding a fan for putting a child at risk for a photo

Benito, as is his real name, was surrounded by a large crowd of followers during a walk through the Dominican Republic who tried to greet him and take a photo with him when he was about to get into his vehicle. However, it was a man who caused her indignation because he asked her to take a photo with his son.

The little boy was surrounded by people, a situation that infuriated the singer, due to the exposure and danger that such a small child faces in the middle of a crowd, so he did not hesitate to call his attention.

“Be careful, daddy, don’t put a child like that in me, bastard,” he is heard saying while taking a few seconds to look at the person uncomfortably.

Although many often criticize Bad Bunny and call him egocentric for his behavior, on this occasion, there were many who agreed with him and rejected the fact that there are minors in the midst of so much commotion.

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Bad Bunny scolded a fan for asking for a photo for a child. The singer was outraged when he saw the little boy in the middle of the crowd.

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