‘Backlash’ for Edy Mulyadi on Kalimantan-Prabowo


Social media activist Edy Mulyadi caused a stir. He called Kalimantan a ‘place for genies to throw away their children’ and said Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto ‘tigers meow’.

“This is an elite place, owned by itself, which is expensive, has its own building, then sold, moved to a place where the genie threw away children, then rented it,” said Edy.

“The minister of defense doesn’t understand like this, a 3-star general, a tiger that looks like meowing, this is talking about the sovereignty of the country, boss, it’s crazy, the gebleg is too much, you know,” added Edy.

After that Edy apologized for his words. Even so, the rice has turned into porridge, Edy is being policed ​​everywhere.

A number of Kalimantan residents reported to the East Kalimantan Police to the Samarinda Police. Edy was also reported by DPD Gerindra, North Sulawesi and East Java regarding the ‘tiger meowing’.

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