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Great return on the market for a historic motorcycle brand. A real treat for lovers of two wheels, among other things with a totally electric twist.

The world of motorcycles by road it is traveling towards a turning point. That dictated by the need to be least polluting possible and towards an energy saving that has long caught the consensus of the production houses.

Backfire (

breakthrough ‘green‘ therefore on two wheels. Precisely in this sense, a very important novelty should be noted with regard to the moped market. A return of a historic brand which, according to the very latest reports from insiders, should return with a truly intriguing and eccentric product.

We are talking about the MV Augustacompany in the province of Varese founded in 1945. As mentioned, a brand with a decidedly great tradition in the world of engines in Italy.

After years of inactivity in the production of more ‘popular’ and less sporty motorcycles, MV Augusta will finally return to producing scooters from city.

Collaboration between MV Augusta and Kymco: the electric scooter is born

According to the latest rumors it seems that MV Augusta has found a collaboration agreement with a leading international company, one of the most popular among motorcycle and scooter manufacturers. That is to say Kymcothe Taiwanese brand that has become very popular among two-wheelers, especially for those who need a more urban and less collectible vehicle.

The return of MV Augusta in the world of urban scooters it has therefore produced the Ampelio model, the first production born from the collaboration with Kymco.

Ampelius MV Augusta
The Ampelio model –

The aforementioned urban moped model brings with it an important turning point for the MV Augusta company. That is to say it will be fully electric. Ampelio is developed on the technical basis of the scooter Kymco S7. A latest generation model with characteristics that go well with the ideas of the compact and reliable city scooter conceived by MV.

Starting with the presence of two 1.7 kWh Ionex batteriesenough to guarantee a range of 85 km. Units that can be extracted for domestic charging and, perhaps soon, also replaceable with the swapping system, a technology that would also be introduced in Europe.

The model is not final but in phase of development advanced, which will end in 2023. Some technical details are missing, but the technical improvements brought are already quite clear. Ampelio will have two riding modes (normal and sport), an electric steering lock and a keyless system for starting and opening/closing all the compartments. The wheels have different sizes: 13” at the front and 12” at the rear.

MV Augusta, a piece of history that returns

As mentioned Ampelius is the symbol of the return to the scooter market by MV Augusta. After the first years of production, the company from Varese moved more towards the racing or sports motorcycle market.

The Augusta family has tied up with several motorcycle companies and manufacturers. How Cagivaanother company in the province of Varese, or the historic one harley davidson made in the USA. From this year MV has agreed instead with KTMthe Austrian motorcycle manufacturer that is also competitive in the world of MotoGP.

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