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” What’s wrong ? You’re a fucking sore loser, man. In two minutes and twenty, the narrator’s boat sank on the hut of the water distribution company. A simple dice roll which, during a Monopoly, challenges everything. Here is, in a few words, the plot of Case Dep ‘ , short film shortlisted for the 11th Nikon Film Festival. His particuliarity ? It is a pure Thionville product, shaped by the production company Fensch Toast . “The title is at the same time the starting point, but also the depression and this feeling in front of the immobility and the excuses found for our own failures”, clarifies Alexandre “Marinelli” Philippe, director and main actor of this film which he wrote. At the head of Fensch Toast – now based in Bliiida, in Metz – with his friends Cyril Chagot and Thomas Koeune, the 34-year-old Thionvillois, with a proud mustache, is making a real homecoming, since it is in Thionville that their adventure began almost ten years ago.

“You suck at basketball, you can’t help it”

Scenario level, “it happened like that. I lived in Lyon for a few years, and there I was able to meet people who participate in the Nikon Film Festival. I had promised myself to do it if I had the inspiration, situates Alexandre. This year’s theme, “a game,” dropped in November. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I returned to Thionville last July to work on the postproduction of the next episodes of Nexus VI , our science fiction web series. I fell back on the theme, and the idea of ​​the sore loser came up. “

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The writing, filming and editing are done in a few days, thanks to the last frosts of February. “It’s a very personal project and beyond the humorous side, there is a sincere approach. On the one hand, because I’m not used to banging my fist on the table like that, but also because we did it in family mode, in the old fashioned way, with friends who gave of their time. “On screen, the interior views follow the quays of the Moselle, the Jean-Pierre-Adams gymnasium, the Place de la Liberté …” These are places where we have already had the opportunity to film, with which I have a story. And although I was hoping it would rain, we had wonderful weather. The frozen aspect of the city serves the purpose of the film. “

On the festival site, Case Dép ‘has now become one of the most viewed short films “and the feedback is really good. After the votes of the public on the internet, it will remain to be selected by the jury. A jury in which we find Eric Judor, Louise Bourgoin, or even Jonathan Cohen, sorry. “We obviously hope to win. It would let them know about our work. ”

The votes for the public Nikon Film Festival are taking place until April 11 on:

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