back in photos in 3 days of magic in Strasbourg

Angels in the sky at Place Kléber, a musical car at Place Saint-Thomas or even a Freddie Mercury lookalike concert at Place du Château: the FARSe made its big return to the city center this weekend of August 15th. Between heat waves and storms, around thirty street art companies dazzled the residents of Strasbourg.

After a 2021 edition devastated by the health crisis, this year the Eurometropolis Street Arts Festival in Strasbourg is back to its usual format. Dancers, circus artists, acrobats and comedians were able to animate 9 districts of the city for three days. This year’s theme: getting closer. A successful edition both in terms of attendance and in terms of artistic proposals.

poetic Leak very cinematic Accident passing through the street “rave” choreography of La Fabrique fastideuse, no show is alike. Whether you like acrobatics or prefer intimate theater: there was something for everyone. And what about this magnificent ending … Put Kléber under a shower of feathers. The angels of the Gratte Ciel company will have left the inhabitants of Strasbourg speechless and stars in their eyes. The highlights of the festival are again in pictures.

Heyritz Park hosted the festival program for the young crowd. Here a stroll in the strollers offered by the Entre Chiens et Loups company.
© Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Recycled carousel and pompoms for the carousel of the Titanos company.
© Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Intimate moment at Place du Temple Neuf with Ktha Compagnie. © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

An acrobatic musical ballet on a bicycle by La Bande à Tyrex. What to give Strasbourg residents ideas (trembling pedestrians) © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

The show is not outside, but in the car. Only for pistons and bodywork of Rue de la casse. © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

From circus to cartoon salsa, Gutenberg. The grass is more pink here … by La Sisi Nonon Cie © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Let the sound penetrate you. Close your eyes. La Fabrique fastideuse sets up a Friday evening in the middle of the day on the square of the church of Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune. © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

In SPORT COUPLE, daily activities become a sport in their own right. Circus and dance by the company Les Passagers © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Dance and theater. On a human scale and you talked about me without knowing me – diptyque tells the story of a boy in an irregular situation. © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Who said cheerleaders have to be women? The Queen-A-Man team proves otherwise in a vibrant tribute to Freddie Mercury © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Frida is 30 years old. And a furious desire to escape the world. A Leak on the streets of the Danube district offered by the company Toiles Cirées. © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Dance to remember the world from before. Mad Max atmosphere in Place du Quartier Blanc with Cirque Rouages. © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Accident. A woman and a man after the shock. Poetic and cinematic dance by the Anomalie & company… © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Angels above Place Kléber. Magical finale of the Gratte Ciel company.
© Adrien Labit / Pokaa

Strasbourg under a shower of feathers, a moment of madness in Place Kléber that will be remembered. © Adrien Labit / Pokaa

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