Bachelor 2021 – Zlata Ognevich almost had sex with Dima Shevchenko – hot photos – TV show news

In the final episode of the show “Bachelor-2” Zlata Ognevich has already managed to go on a date with Roman Svechkorenko, as well as with her favorite – Dmitry Shevchenko

Zlata Ognevich and Dmitry Shevchenko indulged in passion in the pool at the show “Bachelor-2” / Photo: screenshot,

So far, no one knows who Zlata Ognevich will choose in the final of the “Bachelor-2” project. After, how Roman Svechkorenko left the show at the very beginning of the release, there are two men left on the project – Andrey Zadvorny and Dmitry Shevchenko. With the last Zlata have already gone on a date. On a very hot date

First, he and Dmitry rode ATVs in the desert, then found an oasis and swam in a waterfall, and in the evening a cozy place with a pool and cocktails awaited a couple …and kisses.

Photo: video screenshot

Dmitry was so excited that he decided not to hide this moment from Zlata (well, to be honest, it was clearly difficult to hide it )

“I want you,” said Dima. To which Zlata answered him the following:

I know, I feel, but I think that now having sex is wrong Said Zlata.

Photo: video screenshot

Dima did not hesitate to squeeze Zlata’s buttocks and kiss her passionately. Wow wow guys, take it easy!

Photo: video screenshot

These are kisses! However, Zlata noted more than once that passion in a relationship is not enough, the main thing is, of course, love.

Photo: video screenshot

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