Baby dies of meningitis in Limoges

Despite prompt treatment by the Limoges Mother and Child Hospital, a baby did not survive lightning meningitis last weekend. The type of meningococcus that struck down the infant is still unknown, but a doctor from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Health Agency told Le Populaire du Center that “antibiotic treatment was administered to prevent the occurrence of new cases: the child’s entourage, emergency professionals and establishment doctors ”.

No public health procedure

However, the risk of contagion is almost zero and no public health procedure has been initiated. The baby was not in the presence of other children, and the meningococcus is transmissible only in the event of direct contact: it does not resist in the air and is transmitted only by saliva.

For children born from January 1, 2018, vaccination has become compulsory. It is highly recommended for children born before and is recommended until the age of 24.

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