Baby Birthmarks Friends Help This Woman Reveal Her Husband Cheating


WICKENBURG – An Arizona woman, United States of America (USA), who helped deliver her best friend to find out that her husband is the biological father of the baby who was born. The scandal came to light after the rare birthmark on the baby girl’s neck was identical to her husband’s.

Hailey Custer (28), a mother of four from Wickenburg, Arizona, was deeply saddened to learn that her husband, Travis Bowling (36) was having an affair with her best friend.

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Custer claims that the husband, now separated, had affairs with at least 30 women during their six-year marriage. According to her, the husband had two children from two other people during the affair.

“I heard rumors that my friend was pregnant and homeless, so I called her. I felt the need to help him,” Custer told Caters News reported New York Post, Thursday (11/18/2021).

“We just got home from the hospital and I was moving the baby and when he turned his neck a birthmark appeared.

Custer noticed that his best friend’s baby had a rare birthmark that her husband also had.

Describing the “shock” that befell him, he continued: “When I found my friend standing next to me I looked at him and you could tell. He was speechless, he just lowered his head and looked at the floor, and I just found out.”

“No words were spoken, I just knew. I was very shocked at first. I can’t even process what happened, it’s almost a stage of grief,” said Custer, who declined to identify the treacherous friend.



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