Babiš’s supporters let me eat it, says the woman who is suing the prime minister

On Wednesday, the Prague regional judge Hana Lojkásková spoke for the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in a dispute with Jana Filipová.

This woman from Domažlice took part in a demonstration against Babiš’s government in Prague two years ago. When the prime minister said of the protesters the day after that they had been paid, she filed a lawsuit.

At first, Jana Filipová succeeded in the court of first instance, and Andrej Babiš was to apologize to her for his statements, which he had only heard and never documented. But now Judge Lojkásková has reversed the case – she has decided that the Prime Minister does not have to apologize.

Jana Filipová does not intend to give up, she will file an appeal to the Supreme Court.

“The prime minister of this country will not dishonor some people here,” Filipová told the News List.

Were you surprised by the decision of the Court of Appeal?

I expected the win to be on our side. I’m definitely not desperate for that. I intend to continue fighting because I know I am right that the protesters are not paid. So we will definitely file an appeal and drag it on.

The judge justified the verdict by, among other things, stating that you did not prove what damage was caused to you.

That really surprised me. I don’t know that I should prove such a thing. The judge said that the dishonesty only started when I made myself visible on Facebook, and that is not true. Yes, then I became known to the supporters of Prime Minister Babiš and, as they say, they let me eat it. But the damage was done to me before my name became known. At the time of the demonstration, and the next day, the Prime Minister called us paid. I’m able to prove it.

So the court didn’t even want you to do this today?

The judge also said that you got the satisfaction yourself.

I do not agree with that. I can explain a hundred times to Andrej Babiš’s supporters that the demonstrators are not paid. I haven’t done anything else for two years. They still don’t believe me, because until they hear it from the prime minister, or read it from him as part of an apology, they won’t believe it. Never.

You mean that it has a different weight when the prime minister says it on TV, and you then refute it somewhere on your Facebook profile.

Exactly. He is the prime minister of this country. And what am I? I’m an ordinary woman from the village. With forgiveness, I can slap what I want, but those people don’t have to listen to me at all. So the opinion that I achieved satisfaction somewhere on Facebook, in my opinion, is a completely misguided opinion.

Are the Prime Minister’s words still touching you?

Of course, because that’s not true. The prime minister of this country will not dishonor some people here. I acknowledge that Mr Babiš is the Prime Minister of all citizens, whether they have elected him or not. But he has no right to dishonor some of the citizens who are not indifferent to the fate of our country by publicly presented lies. Let’s pull it further.

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