Babiš: Jerman is hurting nonsense. It will be a success if we defend the regions

The Prime Minister and head of the ANO movement, Andrej Babiš, answers questions from moderator Bára Divišová in the pre-election debate. The number of infected people is increasing, the measures are being tightened. Babiš reiterated that the priority in the fight against coronavirus is to ensure sufficient capacity of hospital beds.

“We have a new Minister of Health, hygienists are deciding. We need to communicate in unison. The most important thing now is the capacity of hospitals. We have a video conference with all directors of regional hospitals.

The prime minister believes that criticism from the opposition is not appropriate in the current situation. However, he admitted that communication noise may have occurred. “Every general is after the battle. It is important to lay down their arms and cooperate now. It is true that the government has not communicated very clearly now. I begged my colleagues to stick to each other’s competencies.

On Tuesday, Prymula replaced Adam Vojtěch (for YES) as head of the Ministry of Health. He remains a member of parliament and will address the plan to fight cancer. “Adam Vojtech will work with me on the national plan against cancer,” the prime minister said. According to him, Vojtěch has become the target of constant opposition criticism.

Babiš also mentioned the insufficient capacities of regional hygienic stations. He considers it necessary to thank them. “It is difficult to manage 14 hygienists who have different IT systems, they are used to working on the phone, pencil, paper. They need to be thanked because they are doing something that has never been here before. It is solved on the go,” he said.

Self-reporting should start on Tuesday, which will relieve the hygienists. “You will receive an SMS message that you are positive, you will fill in the application and this will save a lot of time,” Babiš explained.

Babiš has not yet specified when the vote will be taken to abolish the super-gross wage. “There is a special procedure. It will be better if Minister Schiller introduces it. The budget debate is coming to an end tomorrow. The tax reduction to 15 percent is planned for only two years.

“Our preferences have dropped now, probably because of Covid. It would be a success for us if we were to defend ourselves in the regions at all,” hopes Babiš, who blames the decline in preferences for “attacks” on the YES movement.

According to Babiš, the governor of the Central Bohemian Region, Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová (ANO), ruined her reputation as “nonsense”. The regional cells of the YES movement are said to be independent. “It’s not like Babiš will call and that’s the way it is. At first it may have been a bit like that, but not now,” he admitted. “I am not a dictator, this movement is not a one man movement,” he added.

The YES movement has no candidates for the Senate in all constituencies. “We are not doing well with the Senate and the costs of the campaign were high,” Babiš explained.


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