Babikian indicated the only chance for a cabinet

“The elections are coming. They can’t get to the local elections, they have to fight before that. They have to fight in the summer, because there is no way that Cornelia Ninova and Hristo Ivanov can have the same candidate for mayor”.

This is what Arman Babikyan from the “We are coming” movement told BNR. And he added that the only chance to have a cabinet is “to come to an agreement with ITN”.

“The scandal between PP and ITN has become so disgusting that they have started to share both successes and failures. They have good examples of joint work and suddenly everything starts to be blackened, it is not honorable to the truth… There was no valid communication between these people in the coalition. They have to learn how to communicate in a coalition. The historical moment is such that they have to be more self-sacrificing. If they don’t know how to talk and start every sentence with “I”, we will have elections after elections”.

According to him, the charisma of Kiril Petkov is important for the PP, and the abilities of Asen Vassilev – for the management of the country.

In the program “Politically INCORRECT”, Babikian added that the division in our country has existed for a long time and that we do not succeed in bringing our nation together when there is a war at our border:

“The normal reaction of a nation is to unite, and we are divided. Regardless of whether you are left, right, liberal, people unite at such moments. There are mines passing along Golden Sands. All phases of the war – except the hot one, are being waged against Bulgaria from Russia, and we don’t come together, that’s the most terrible thing. Despite the hostile acts against Bulgaria, we turn a deaf ear. The big risk is if we don’t succeed in gathering those who want to change Bulgaria.”

And he is adamant that the Self should not be stronger than the idea of ​​union.

“The synergy of coming together for change is second to none. If only the egos would take a step back so we could get work done. The selfishness is appalling. We can’t change the country like that.”

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