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Babies in Iraq Reportedly Born with 3 Penises Page all

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MOSUL, KOMPAS.com – One baby men on Iraq reportedly born with three penis, where local doctors claim it is the world’s first case.

The medical team near Mosul claims to be the first to publish the case studies triphallia in humans.

Only one of genitals it was the boy who was functioning, so the other two, attached to the shaft of his penis and below the scrotum, had to be surgically removed.

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Baby Unidentified, Kurdish, was three months old when the study of his case was released.

Doctors state, one in 6 million newborns worldwide has more than one penis.

Reported Daily Mail Friday (2/4/2021), there are about 100 cases of diphallia, have two genitals, recorded worldwide.

However based on reports International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the first new triphallia case occurred in Iraq.

Indeed, there was one case in India in 2015. However, experts could not verify it because it was not published in a medical journal.

The child’s parents initially went to the hospital because they thought there was swelling in the scrotum. But after research, he had extra genitalia.

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One of them measures two centimeters, and is on the genitals. While the other one has a length of 1 cm.

The team of doctors is trying to find out if the child was exposed to drugs while in the mother’s womb.

Or is there a family who has a genetic disorder. However, all these theories are debunked so the cause is still mysterious.

The urologist explained, none of those extra sexes had a urethra.

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Because of this, the medical team decided that they would remove the extra genitals in the surgical procedure.

Doctor Shakir Saleem Jabali, as the journal writer, said that the child had no other medical problems a year after the operation.

There are medical reports that someone can urinate and ejaculate from two penises.


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