Babcock and Leonardo create a company to train the Canadian Air Force

The new firm opts for the FACT program to be awarded in 2023

Canadian CF-18 fighter jet. Photo: Royal Canadian Air Force

25/08/2021 | Ottawa

The companies Babcock Canada (subsidiary of the British Babcock) and Leonardo Canada (owned by the Italian Leonardo) have finalized the creation of a new joint venture, called Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training, with which they will offer the North American country training services to their military aircraft crews. With this step, both companies formalize the project that they announced a few months ago to meet the search for a comprehensive crew training program undertaken by the Canadian government, known by the acronym FACT.

In a statement, the two companies detail how “with this important step, Babcock and Leonardo will combine their globally recognized expertise and experience in delivering military aircrew training and create a new joint venture called Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training.”

The text states that, thanks to “extensive knowledge of the team and deep ties to the Canadian military, Babcock and Leonardo can provide an innovative training solution and optimal benefits for Canada’s economic and strategic objectives through the FACT program.”

This comprehensive crew training program includes the provision of “aircraft, ground training systems, civil instructors, as well as other essential services, such as air traffic control, aircraft and aerodrome maintenance, accommodation and food services for the Royal Canadian Air Force”, According to the note. If there are no setbacks, the contract, with a duration of 25 years, will be awarded in 2023.

Babcock and Leonardo’s bid to win this deal is based on a modern comprehensive solution based on their “extensive experience” as fixed wing, rotary wing and mission training civil and military service providers. ” The new joint company is now ready, according to its creators, “to invest in the country and work in collaboration with partners and indigenous communities.”

Aircraft and training

According to the information provided by both companies last May, when they announced this commitment, Leonardo’s role in the agreement is based on the ability to “cover the entire pilot training program with a single range that allows adapting the training program. to the requirements of the air force ”. His proposal includes, in addition to the aircraft, “a complete ground-based training system (GBTS), which is perfectly integrated with the platforms, capable of guaranteeing high-quality training with great operational efficiency ”. The Italian company accumulates the experience of having built around 2,000 trainers for more than 40 countries.

For its part, Babcok “offers unparalleled technical instruction in multiple locations and types of aircraft,” says the text. It adds that this company has made its customers trust its world-class training solutions, “whether it is providing technical training, developing training materials or maintaining critical training assets.”

Today, both companies add a workforce of 80,000 employees in different facilities in 50 countries (in Canada it has a dozen sites, where more than a thousand people work) and a combined annual turnover of almost 17 billion euros

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