Baba Yega’s current dancers are quitting, but a change is coming | Show

Yarno Lemmelijn (22), Sheldon Demiddeleer (21), Loris Riggio (20), Lucas Cabanier (26) and Ilja Koers (19) no longer form Baba Yega. They announced it themselves with a post on social media. “Until today we were known as Baba Yega, from tomorrow no more”, reads the video posted late last night. “This is not a media stunt or anything like that, it really comes from our hearts. Together with our choreographer Sinerjey (Meyfroodt, also husband of K3’tje Marthe, edit) we decided to hang our masks on the hook forever. Thank you so much for all these wonderful years and lots of love to you all.”

The dance group won ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’ in 2016, never revealing their identities. In 2018, they got their own movie, ‘Baba Yega: The Movie’. That changed when they signed with Studio 100 and the boys also got a real face instead of a mask. Gert Verhulst stated at the time that there were “many plans” with the dance crew. Despite the decision of the current dancers, these are not extinct yet, it seems. The studio confirms that the line-up will soon be changed.

LOOK. “Will Studio 100 make porn with Baba Yega?”

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