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19:30 OA Sport thanks you for joining us, wishes you a good continuation of the evening and looks forward to seeing you tomorrow for the final!

19:28 Now Italy is waiting for its opponent, who will be one between Belgium and Poland. Today the best on the field was undoubtedly Porro who, between serve, block and serve, did the Bulgarians very badly. But what is exciting is the team performance, which was excellent all round.

19:25 Important performance of the U20 national team which, after a very complex first set, was very good at changing gears and effectively dominating the rest of the match. Bravo the coach of our national team to replace a dull Boninfante with an excellent Fanizza, this move was a winner!


24-20 Bovolenta’s joke does not pass.

24-19 There are 5 match points for Italy!

23-19 Garkov’s joke does not pass!

22-19 Misunderstanding in the blue half-field, attention.

22-18 Tatarov’s hands-out from the second row.

22-17 Parallel placed by Arioli! Let’s fly to +5!

21-17 Porro answers in pipe!

20-17 Nikolov’s pipe.

20-16 Bovolenta lob.

19-16 Garkov puts an end to one of the most beautiful exchanges of the match.

19-15 Bovolenta breaks through on the hands of the wall!

18-15 Bulgaria returns to -3.

18-14 Nikolov’s deep attack from place two.

18-13 Nikolov’s service stops on the tape.

17-13 First half of Bouchkov.

17-12 Error in the service also for Damyanov.

16-12 Long Porro’s pipe.

16-11 Nikolov placed parallel.

16-10 Error from the nine meters of Garkov.

15-10 Escape the attack of Bovolenta.

15-9 Error in Tatarov’s attack.

14-9 Porro is wrong this time.


13-8 Bouchkov’s line is long.

12-8 Two-handed lob by Tatarov.


11-7 Porro finds the hands of the wall!

10-7 Everything is wrong Garkov, we stay ahead of 3!

9-7 Balestra’s line on the tape.

9-6 Parallel impregnable of Bovolenta.

8-6 Arioli’s pipe does not pass, too bad because it would have been the +4 ball.

8-5 Error in Garkov’s attack.

7-5 First half of Balestra!

6-5 Bovolenta’s line is long.

6-4 Bovolenta passes in the middle of the wall from the second line!

5-4 Arioli without problems from place four.

4-4 Tatarov’s hands-out from the second row.

4-3 Fox Stampatona on Garkov!

3-3 Damyanov’s first half is bagged.


2-2 First half of Bouchkov.

2-1 Nikolov’s error in the service.

1-1 Escape Porro’s attack.

1-0 It starts with a first half by Balestra!

25-18 Porro sends us on 2-1!

24-18 Garkov cancels the first.

24-17 Bovolenta gives Italy seven set points!

23-17 Ace of Nikolov.

23-16 Blue error in the service.

23-15 Mani-out by Bovolenta at the end of one of the longest exchanges of the match!

22-15 Orioli’s service escapes.

22-14 Bovolenta millimeter parallel!

21-14 Deep Tatarov diagonal from the second line.

21-13 First time of Balestra!

20-13 Tatarov pushed lob.

20-12 Narrow diagonal of Orioli!

19-12 Nikolov’s winning pipe.

19-11 Porro is immediately forgiven with a scary broadside.

18-11 Escape this time the attack of Porro.

18-10 Muroneeeee di Volpe on Garkov.

17-10 Garkov’s network invasion.

16-10 Deep Garkov diagonal.

16-9 Balestra’s joke does not pass.

16-8 Porro is unstoppable! Yet another winning attack for the blue number 17.

15-8 Mani-out of Bovolenta from the second row!


13-8 First half of Balestra!

12-8 This time Tatarov passes from the second line.

12-7 Another error in Tatarov’s attack.

11-7 Wonderful pipe by Porro.

10-7 Shot to climb over Nikolov’s wall.

10-6 Bulgaria’s rotation foul.

9-6 Orioli stampatona on Tatanov!

8-6 Nikolov’s impregnable parallel.

8-5 Error in Antov’s attack. Antov himself comes out, Garkov enters.

7-5 Damyanov’s first half escapes.

6-5 MURONEEEEE! Bovolenta stops Tatarov once again.

5-5 Orioli brings us back in a draw!

4-5 Deep attack by Bovolenta.

3-5 The Porro service is online.

3-4 Narrow diagonal of Porro from place two!

2-4 A bit of confusion in coverage for the azzurrini.

2-3 Error in the service of Fanizza.

2-2 Bouchkov misses the first half.

1-2 Error in the attack of Bovolenta.

1-1 This Porro answers.

0-1 It starts with a parallel from Nikolov.

25-17 Boyanov’s attack on the net! Italy reopens the game!

24-17 There are seven set points for Italy!

23-17 Wall of Nikolov on Orioli.

23-16 Magic of Fanizza and a crossbow trip!

22-16 Error in the Bulgarian service!

21-16 First half of Damyanov.

21-15 Bovolenta again from place two!

20-15 MURONEEEEEE! Orioli says no to Antov!

19-15 Parallel impregnable of Bovolenta!

18-15 Damyanov’s first half again.


17-14 First time sliced ​​by Volpe.

16-14 Damyanov Wall on Porro.

16-13 Tatarov’s winning diagonal.

16-12 Disaster in Bulgaria’s reconstruction.

15-12 Tatarov hits the pipe.

15-11 Responds to the Crossbow Center!

14-11 Bouchkov’s first half.

14-10 Hands-out from the second line of Bovolenta.

13-10 Nikolov’s parallel trip, attention.

13-9 Another attack from the center, this time by Bouchkov.

13-8 First half of Damyanov.

13-7 Orioli’s hands-out!


11-7 First half of Balestra!

10-7 The series in the service of Volpe ends here.

10-6 DO NOT PASSAAAAAAAA! Orioli Wall!

9-6 STAMPATONAAAAAA! Bovolenta stops Tatarov again.

8-6 MURONEEEEEE! Orioli says no to Nikolov!

7-6 Bovolenta pushed lob!

6-6 Deep diagonal of Bovolenta.

5-6 Error in Orioli’s attack.

5-5 Along the Porro service.

5-4 AGAIN! Tatarov does not pass!

4-4 Wall of Bovolenta on Tatarov.

3-4 Deep Diagonal of Porro from place two.

2-4 Parallel placed by Tatarov.

2-3 Bulgarian Wall on Bovolenta.

2-2 Nikolov’s winning pipe.

2-1 Antov holding foul.

1-1 Balanced start in the second set.

23-25 ​​Tatarov closes it.

23-24 WALL ON TATAROV! One set point remains for Bulgaria.

22-24 The series in Porro’s service ends here.



20-23 Error in the service of Bouchkov.

19-23 Porro had the ball of -2, but was blocked.

19-22 WE ARE BACK TO -3!

18-22 Hands-out by Porro.

17-22 The Iervolino service is online.

17-21 BOVOLENTA! Italy returns to -4!

16-21 First half supported by Balestra.

15-21 Nikolov’s impregnable diagonal.

15-20 MURONE! Antov does not pass again, this time the wall belongs to Porro.

14-20 Broadside of Bovolenta from the second line.

13-20 Nikolov’s winning attack.

13-19 Muroneee by Balestra on Antov.

12-19 Bovolenta millimeter parallel.

11-19 Volpe also misses from nine meters.

11-18 Along the Antov service.

10-18 Do not pass Porro’s joke.

10-17 First half of Volpe.

9-17 Return the Boninfante favor.

9-16 Nikolov’s joke does not pass.

8-16 Bovolenta steps on the three-meter line.

8-15 Mani-out by Antov from place four.

8-14 Nice shot to climb over Porro’s wall.

7-14 It does not pass through the second Bovolenta line. Time-out Italy.

7-13 First half of Bouchkov.

7-12 Orioli’s hands-out.

6-12 Bovolenta’s line does not pass.

6-11 Bulgarian error from nine meters.

5-11 Answers to the Damyanov center.

5-10 First half of Volpe!

4-9 Broadside of Tatarov from place four.

4-8 Wall of Fox on Antov!

3-8 Error in the Boninfante service.

3-7 Deep diagonal of Porro, first blue break!

2-7 Nikolov’s serve stops on the net this time.

1-7 Nikolov’s Ace.

1-6 Wall of Tatarov on Bovolenta.

1-5 Winning Pipe by Tatarov.

1-4 We unlock with Bovolenta from place two!

0-4 Four touches for Italy, a start to forget.

0-3 Porro is also wrong from place four.

0-2 Error in the blue attack.

0-1 It starts with a diagonal trip from Nikolov.

17:30 Italy responds with Boninfante, Bovolenta, Balestra, Orioli, Porro and Laurenzano

17:27 This is the septum of Bulgaria: Bouchkov, Antov, Mitov, Damyanov, Nikolov.

17:24 It’s time for the national anthems.

17:21 The hope is that Alessandro Bovolenta is in the game, the medical staff has kept the situation constantly monitored and recovery for today did not seem impossible.

17:18 The winner of this challenge will face one between Belgium and Poland in the final, while the loser will play for the bronze medal.

17:15 Bulgaria, on the other hand, ended group 2 in second place with 11 points and a clear defeat against Belgium (3-0), but be careful because they are a dangerous team, which can focus on some prominent individuals

17:12 The azzurrini finished group 1 in first place with 13 points, but on the second day they were defeated by France 3-2, while in the following matches Bovolenta, a real driver of the team, suffered a small injury, but today could still be in the game.

17:09 The U20 players will want to continue the streak of fantastic successes that the youth national teams have achieved this summer.

17:06 Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Bulgaria, match valid for the first semifinal of the 2022 U20 European Men’s Volleyball Championships.


Friends of OA Sport, good afternoon and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Bulgaria, match valid for the first semifinal of the 2022 U20 European Men’s Volleyball Championships. The fantastic summer of blue volley continues and even the under 20 men’s national team wants to join the string of continental youth victories in recent months.

Italy’s journey was quite complex: the azzurrini finished group 1 in first place with 13 points, but on the second day they were defeated by France 3-2, while in the following matches Bovolentaauthentic driver of the team, he suffered a small injury, but he could still be in the game today. Bulgaria, on the other hand, finished second in group 2 with 11 points and a clear defeat against Belgium (3-0), but be careful because they are a dangerous team, which can focus on some prominent individuals. The winner of this challenge will face in the final one between Belgium and Poland, while the loser will play for the bronze medal. The role of the director Bonifante will be to put all his attackers on the ball, hopefully in the return of Bovolenta, otherwise the best blue offensive weapons will surely be Luca Porro And Riccardo Iervolino.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Bulgaria, a match valid for the first semifinal of the U20 2022 European Men’s Volleyball Championships, real-time news, minute by minute, action after action, point by point, so as not to really miss anything. the match will start at 17:30!

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