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Azoth Dance Theatre Celebrates 10th Anniversary with France and International Recognition

The circle is complete. A few weeks ago, Azoth Dance Theatre was performing in New York for the Spark Theater Festival. It is in the most populous city in the United States that this dance company was born ten years ago.

At its head, a Loir-et-Chérien. Originally from Saint-Gervais-la-Forêt, the dancer and choreographer Jonathan Breton left France for the “Big Apple”, “cradle of modern dance”in order to complete his training.

In January 2014, he created his company to carry his creation Memories. After playing in different countries (Poland, Denmark, France, Finland, etc.), Jonathan Breton received the Young Hopeful Prize from French Abroad in 2018. Eager to return to France, he chose Blois, after a discussion with Mayor Marc Gricourt, to create a resource center dedicated to dance, and a festival.

“The company’s work is beginning to be recognized in France and beyond”

If the first project has still not seen the light of day – although the company finally settled in Vineuil at the end of 2019 – the Blois Dance festival will return for a 5th edition from July 4 to 12, 2024. To mark Azoth Dance Theater’s anniversary, “we are going to do a program dedicated to the company and the ten years of its repertoire”. While the five invited international companies (which will come from the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Italy) will present their work over two days, Sunday July 7 will be dedicated to Azoth Dance Theater.

Enough to trace the history of the company: “It’s great to have held on, despite the jungle that is New York, with many artists, then Covid-19rembobine Jonathan Breton. The company’s work is beginning to be recognized in France and beyond, and at the local level, we are helping to democratize the art of dance. »

Azoth Dance Theater thus carries out cultural mediation actions in schools, such as that of Cellettes currently, where dancers intervene to create a show with the students, or even with the Blois hospital center. “We created a creation with ten children suffering from chronic illness and members of their family, which they presented to the Carroir (at La Chaussée-Saint-Victor) in October 2023, to make the hospital a place of sharing. »

The flame, “big piece” of the year

The company also has a ” big piece “ in this special year for her. Azoth Dance Theater is thus one of the « six structures » chosen by the departmental council to create a one-hour show in the gardens of the Château de Chambord, on July 8, the day the Olympic flame passed through Loir-et-Cher.

In total, 22 students from the Latin dance and modern dance workshops at the company’s studio will perform for ten minutes to a choreography concocted by Jonathan Breton and Alexandre Balmain.

“We are very happy to have been contacted by the Department”explains the founder of Azoth Dance Theater, which will continue its work of broadcasting abroad, such as in Bulgaria in May for example. “What I like about my job is meeting other cultures: it really makes you grow. »

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