Azerbaijan asks Armenia for 30 years of compensation for damages in Karabakh

BAKU, – For the second time in one week, President Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev ask compensation from Armenia for infrastructure damage in the Karabakh regions.

President Aliyev asked for compensation for 30 years.

“The enemy has destroyed the entire infrastructure. They will account for everything in an international court.”

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“I said, I want to repeat again that the international structure, the experts will be involved, all the damage will be calculated and we will ask for compensation for 30 years. Today they destroyed Kalbajar, the houses, the forests. They will also be responsible for all that. , “said Aliyev quoted from Al Masdar.

A piece of Aliyev’s speech was uploaded by his wife on social media.

Aliyev on Monday visited districts in Fuzuli and Jabrayil which are now controlled by the Azerbaijan military forces.

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On November 10, the leader Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, that is Vladimir Putin, Ilham Aliyev, from Nikol Pashinyan, signed a joint statement of the total cessation of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Based on this statement, Armenia and Azerbaijan stopped in their occupied positions. Districts will be under Baku’s control, the two sides will exchange prisoners and Russian peacekeepers will be deployed along the contact line as well as the Lachin corridor that links Karabakh with Armenia.

According to the President of Armenia, Pashinyan, the decision to sign the agreement was very difficult for him.

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However, if he does not sign the agreement, the situation will become even worse for Armenia. Meanwhile, according to Aliyev, the signing was a handover by Armenia.

Pashinyan said the decision to sign the agreement was very difficult for him. According to him, if the document is not signed, it will be even worse for Armenia. Aliyev called the signing of the statement a form of submission by Armenia.

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