Ayu Dewi desperately wanted to call a lawyer and asked a psychologist for help to save her marriage, which was almost destroyed by it

Hops.ID – Call Ayu Dewi Complicated person, it’s true Data log if there was a time when their family was really on edge and almost separated.

It was all revealed when Luna Maya first asked questions Data log relating to attitude Ayu Dewi which annoyed him. So how? Check out the following reviews.

Ayu Dewi call a lawyer to consult a marriage psychologist

Of course, Ayu Dewi never called a lawyer to consult a divorce with Data log just when the couple still had a child.

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The accident occurred when Ayu Dewi And Data log along with others, he invited Luna Maya to go on vacation to a European country.

“Remember, when I was on vacation with you, I even called a lawyer, you know,” she said Ayu Dewiquoted by Hops.ID from Luna Maya’s YouTube channel.

“Do you remember at that time, the child was still one. Time (holidays) in Italy,” she said Ayu Dewi.

On the other hand, not only was he caught calling a lawyer, he was also caught on Trans 7’s Okay Boss show, Ayu Dewi was asked by Raffi Ahmad what was the reason why he had marriage counseling with a psychologist.

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