Awo affair in Frankfurt: The judges filed a criminal complaint against the head of education

The former Awo managing director and his wife accuse the head of education, Sylvia Weber, of defamation and defamation.

A criminal complaint for defamation and defamation is exposed to education department head Sylvia Weber (SPD), reported by Jürgen Richter, the former managing director of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo) Frankfurt, and his wife Hannelore, who ran the business at the Wiesbaden district association. Their legal counsel, a lawyer from Wiesbaden with expertise in insurance law and real estate economics and experience in local politics as a former city councilor (CDU) of the state capital, had chosen to go public over the weekend by means of a press release to make the allegations against Sylvia Weber and the aforementioned criminal complaint public even before the accused had become aware of it.

Frankfurt: Awo affair – that’s what the criminal complaint against the education department head is about

The reason for the criminal complaint is Weber’s statements at her latest press conference, at which she stated that Awo Frankfurt had improperly received city funds amounting to more than 900,000 euros in 2017 and 2018 alone for the operation of 19 Frankfurt daycare centers, among other things by means of double accounting of personnel costs. The lawyer complains that Weber spoke in this context of a “system of judges” who misused city funds with “a lot of criminal energy”. He called on Weber to present “the clear evidence that will stand up in court” that their allegations are correct and that “the judges are personally responsible for them”.

The judges deny that. Weber’s allegations, according to the lawyer, are likely to “demean Hannelore and Jürgen Richter” in public opinion.

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Awo affair: Awo Frankfurt was shaken by scandal

For more than a year, Awo Frankfurt has been shaken by a scandal that became public knowledge due to unusual circumstances in the operation of two refugee shelters operated by Awo. Due to dubious accounts and discrepancies, the city of Frankfurt separated from Awo as a contractual partner in 2018.

At first without a sound, but later she filed a criminal complaint. The scandal also includes the allegation that the leadership elites of the Awo district associations in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden received excessive salaries and were traveling in luxury company cars. Jürgen Richter resigned as managing director of Awo Frankfurt in the wake of the scandal in December last year. His wife Hannelore, who had long been responsible for Awo Wiesbaden, which was closely linked to the Frankfurt district association, was already retired.

Awo affair in Frankfurt: allegations are “actually incomprehensible and legally absurd”

The Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating at least six suspects for more than a year, one of them Jürgen Richter, on suspicion of breach of trust and fraud. The Awo Federal Association had started to review the conditions in the two district associations in December 2019. At the time, CEO Wolfgang Stadler spoke of “unbearable conditions” and salaries that “got completely out of hand”. The endowment for daycare manager Zübeyde Feldmann, wife of Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD), was also criticized.

Jürgen Richter now has his lawyer explain that the allegations that Sylvia Weber has now made public are unfounded. All allegations are “actually incomprehensible and legally absurd”. Neither were personnel costs billed twice, nor was Zübeyde Feldmann’s salary objectionable as excessive.

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Frankfurt: Awo affair – the judges filed a criminal complaint

The city of Frankfurt was not “passed on” any costs for individual employees by the Awo Kreisverband Frankfurt. The financing of the personnel costs was rather based on so-called flat rate flat rates. Finally the lawyer announced: “The personal accusations against the married judges are just as insubstantial as they are unnecessary.” An SPD department head is trying to create “distance from well-deserved social democrats” for the local election campaign by means of pithy slogans. “Weber is every means right. This is a case for the public prosecutor.”

Sylvia Weber did not want to comment on the allegations at the request of this newspaper. You must first consult with experts, including the city legal office, she said. (Sylvia Amanda Menzdorf)

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