Award-winning Polish author: Russia is a danger to the free world | Associated Press

JERUSALEM (AP) — Olga Tokarczuk, a Polish writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, called Russia a threat to the “free world” and compared Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to World War II.

Tokarczuk, known for her humanistic themes and playful, rebellious tone, gave her remarks at her literature festival in Jerusalem.

“Poles share Ukraine’s sense of horror at the danger Russia presents to the free world,” Tokarczuk said, noting that the Polish government had been warning of Russia’s aggressive attitudes for years.

Poland has accepted millions of Ukrainian refugees and has called for tougher economic sanctions against Russia.

“Nobody would have thought that this war would be so cruel, so anachronistic. The images remind one of World War II,” the writer said.

Tokarczuk won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature for “The Books of Jacob,” about an ancient Jewish mystic named Jacob Frank.

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