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AvtoVAZ proud of itself? There are reasons why the LADA Vesta is the perfect car

It is enough to look at things from a different angle to feel like a happy owner of Vesta.

The average Russian often thinks about buying a car, not so much as a subject of boasting and a way to assert himself during overtaking on the highway, but as a means of transportation. It is more important for such people that the car should be able to transport the driver and passengers from point A to point B with relative comfort and for adequate money: for example, every day in the city and several times a year – along the highways on the sea. A car’s belonging to a specific brand or “charge” doesn’t play a big role, and if you think about it, LADA Vesta is an excellent candidate here.

Oddly enough, there are reasons why the LADA Vesta is an ideal car. For example, messing with Vesta in the garage, as happened with AvtoVAZ classics and Samaras, contrary to stereotypes, is not particularly necessary – this is the case when you “sat down and went.” If you correctly operate the car, then endlessly “poking” at the service station will not have to.

Another reason is the affordability of buying a new Vesta from a salon compared to foreign competitors of the same segment. Experienced motorists understand that the likelihood of acquiring a budget, but worthy foreign car on the “secondary” tends to zero – not every driver wants to take responsibility for the mistakes and negligence in operation that were made by the previous owner. But the new car is new – how accurate the car interior is, how quickly the units will wear out, whether the legal history is clear – depends only on the first owner.

Price is a significant factor at which LADA Vesta has no direct competitors in the market, because not a single foreign car has come close to it at a price. Moreover, the price tags vary decently – approximately 20-25%, and these are large amounts.

Of course, the howling shaft of the gearbox will remind the owner that it is a VAZ, but decent rear-view mirrors or high-beam dipped bring the West to a foreign car. The fact is that the idealist will begin to cling frantically precisely to the shortcomings of the car. And an ordinary motorist will combine together the factors by which LADA Vesta turns out the way it is, and understands that it is a balanced and reliable product, with annoying “joints”, but without unforgivable defects.

AvtoVAZ can be proud of itself – the plant managed to create, in some way, an ideal car. However, no matter how paradoxical this may sound, the LADA Vesta is ideal only for those drivers who are ready to accept its imperfections and who put at the forefront not a vehicle, but a family, loved ones, work, a favorite thing. Otherwise, Vesta, of course, may disappoint with its “imperfectness.”



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