AvtoVAZ increased its share in a falling market

In 2019, 362,356 Lada cars were sold in Russia – 1% more than a year earlier. Such data were reported by Olivier Morne, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AvtoVAZ. The entire market for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, according to the company’s preliminary estimate, decreased by 2% to 1.76 million units. Lada increased its stake by 0.6 percentage points to 20.6%.

According to the results of 11 months of 2019, sales of cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia fell by 2.8% to 1.58 units, the Association of European Businesses reported. A report on the results of 2019 is expected on January 14.

According to AvtoVAZ, Granta became the best-selling Lada family in 2019 – 135,831 units were sold in Russia. (an increase of 27.8%). Sales of the former leader of the Russian brand – Vesta – amounted to 111,459 units. (an increase of 2.9%). Granta costs from 455 900 rubles., Vesta – from 629 900 rubles.

Lada’s overseas sales rose 32% to about 50,000 cars. Lada’s largest export markets are Belarus (16,000 units), Kazakhstan (15,000 units) and Uzbekistan (6,600 units).

In 2020, the Russian market may decline by 3.4% to 1.7 million units, Morne estimates. Itself “AvtoVAZ“Expects at least to maintain its stake, the goal is to increase it. Sales will support state programs to stimulate demand, develop a dealer network, as well as integrate a Niva SUV into the Lada lineup, the company’s top manager said. In December 2019 “AvtoVAZ“Bought a stake from General Motors in the joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ, which produces this SUV (created on the basis of the Lada 4×4 manufactured by AvtoVAZ, sold under the name Chevrolet Niva). The model will change its brand to Lada until the end of 2020, Morne said.

For 11 months of 2019, Niva sales in Russia and the CIS countries amounted to 20,685 units, the representative of the joint venture said earlier. What increase can Lada Niva provide for overall sales of the Russian brand, AvtoVAZ’s top manager found it difficult to explain. Everything will depend on when exactly Niva becomes Lada, for example, in August or September, Morne explained. He added that more than half of Chevrolet Niva dealers are simultaneously Lada dealers, so they are familiar with the product. In 2023, a new generation of Lada 4×4 SUVs may appear on the market. This model can also get the name Niva, Morne said, but a final decision will be made later.


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