Avoid the Pinjol Trap with a 14-Year-Old KTP Watermark, Check Out How

SURABAYA RAYA ZONE – Online loan traps or loans often appear and become a new problem in people’s lives. Especially with internet technology that dominates transactions and work today.

This cyber crime also turned out to be the concern of a 14 -year -old teenager.

Sirilius Kevin, a teenager from Yogyakarta managed to develop an application called Watermark KTP. Kevin said that the KTP Watermark is a tool to watermark the KTP. He made this because he wanted to prevent misuse of ID card scans.

“Why did I do this? Because by adding a watermark to the ID card scan, we can prevent misuse of the ID card scan,” Kevin wrote on his Twitter @siriliuskevin quoted Monday, November 8, 2021.

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He announced the application that can be used by the community since last October, but he is still developing the application. Currently there are several features that he added in the use of this KTP Watermark application.

Looks very simple, but this application is very important for data security. This KTP watermark is used so that the data that we share with others for administrative needs or other needs can be accounted for when there is data theft, data sales from online loan traps or other cyber crimes.

Kevin also explained that this application is open source, so that people can follow and contribute in its development.

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